Terms of service


When commissioning me, please be aware of the following:

  • I have the right to deny or cancel service with anyone.
  • Commissions are not first come first serve.
  • Payment goes with either PayPal, or iDEAL if you are in the Netherlands.
  • I will only draw things as specified here.
  • You may use my art for non-commercial purposes, with proper credit.
  • You may not commission NSFW art if you’re under 18.

Below you find the detailed terms and more information on payment and refunds, as well as the process and what you will receive.

The following terms and conditions apply to all customers, unless I (the Artist) give you written permit to deviate from these terms.


I may deny service with any client, at any time, with or without a valid reason.

Commissions are available through a form, if my commissions are open you can request a commission through this form.

Commissions are not ‘first come first serve’. I choose who I wanna work with and may decide to deny your commission even if that results in not all available slots being occupied.

I provide communication in English and Dutch. I will not be able to communicate in any other language, and may cancel your commission if you refuse to properly speak English or Dutch with me.

Do not commission me just to be able to talk with me.

I will only draw things as specified here.

You may not commission NSFW art from me if you’re less than 18 years old. With NSFW art I mean anything explicitly sexual. Suggestive art is considered SFW but I will likely reject suggestive commissions if you’re under 16.


Payment options are:

  • Via PayPal
  • Via iDEAL payment request (the Netherlands only)

PayPal transaction fees are included in the price. iDEAL payment does not charge fees, so if you pay via iDEAL you will receive a small discount to compensate the fees included in the price.

Payment goes in Euros (€ - EUR). Any currency conversion rates involved in payment are for your own charge.

Payment should be made fully upfront for any price under €300. For any price above €300 I will be able to set up a payment plan.


If I have not started your commission yet, you’re eligible for a full refund, except for the transaction fees involved in the payment and the refund.

If I have started sketching your commission, you’re eligible for a refund of 50% to 75% of the received money, depending on how much time I spent on your commission.

If I have started outlining your commission, you’re eligible for a refund of 25% of the received money.

If I started colouring or shading your commision, or when it is finished, you’re not eligible for a refund.

If I decide or have to cancel your commission, you’ll receive a refund as described. However, if your commission ends up to be cancelled due to sanctions, you are likely not eligible for a refund.


For prices under €300, I will only start working when the price is fully paid. If we made a payment plan, that plan also includes when I will start your commission.

I will notify you when I start your commission.

I work on commissions in no specific order. I may start your commission, then start and finish that of someone else, and then continue with yours.

Depending on the commission type, you’ll be updated with one or more WIPs (Work In Progress), unless you request to not receive WIPs.

With artistic freedom (if provided), or small doodles, I will not provide WIPs unless requested.

Regardless of whether you request to receive WIPs, I will be able to provide a WIP or update on request, but only occasionally. Keep in mind that if you keep requesting me for WIPs, it will annoy me and I might cancel your commission.

I will be able to send you the finished artworks via E-mail, Telegram or in a .zip through Discord. I do not share files via Google Drive, Dropbox, or another online hosting service.

All my art is sized from 1024x1024 to 4096x4096, except for stickers which will always be 512x512. If you need another size, it can be discussed, but I don’t usually go over 4096.

Use of artwork

In usage of any certain artwork, there are three legal entities involved: the Artist (me, the copyright holder), the Commissioner (those that commissioned me or anyone who has been granted the rights as if they have done so), and the Public (everyone else). These entities are separately determined per artwork.

These usage terms apply, unless I grant additional permissions or impose additional restrictions. These terms apply to all artworks that are under my copyright, and unless I permit it (which I do rarely), you are not allowed to take my artwork under your own copyright.

Usage by the Artist (me)

Any art I make is per definition under my copyright, and I reserve all rights to them.

Unless otherwise discussed with the Commissioner, I may use any art I own copyrights to for any personal or public purpose, commercial or not.

I may use artworks as posters on walls in other artworks.

I may showcase any artwork I own copyrights to on any platform, including my website, unless this is discussed in the commission process.

Usage by the Commissioner

The commissioner has special rights, as described below, over the artworks they receive from me in any means (via commission, raffle, gift, etc.).

The commissioner is allowed to use the art for private purposes. They may copy and share any received art files with anyone, but may not sell the received art files.

The commissioner may print the art on paper, a canvas, stickers, clothing, mugs, and other daily life objects, as much as they want. They may share any form of printed art with anyone, but may not sell the printed art.

The commissioner may use the art as profile picture, banner or any other profile element (credit is appreciated, but not required, e.g. when there’s no space for it on the profile). In use on a website, proper credit and a small copyright notice is required.

Usually, all the owners of the characters present in the artwork are considered to be part of the commission, and are therefore considered a Commissioner.

Usage by the Public (you)

You may not use the art to receive money in any way.

You, whether you are the Commissioner or not, may strictly not use the art in any service related to crypto or blockchain. That includes use as NFT.

When you are not the Commissioner of the art, you may only use the art in your profile or website with proper credit to the Artist (me) and permission from all the Commissioners (you do not need my permission).

You may edit the art to make a pun, joke or meme, but only with permission from all the Commissioners. It may not harrass anyone or make it pro-nazi or anti-LGBT+.


In case of harrassment of me or anyone else, or in case of deliberate violation of these terms, I may impose sanctions. Sanctions include the cancellation of your commission (likely without refund), or a ban from commissioning me (temporary or permanent). I may impose any other form of sanction or restriction if I wish.

If I blocked you previously on any form of social media, whatever reason I may have had for that, I will not provide service to you.

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