Hi! I’m Shadew! I’m a 19 years old furry from the Netherlands that loves graphics design and game development. I have experience in programming for over 10 years.

Age 19
Birthday July 15th, 2002
Pronouns They/He/She
Sexuality Gay
Gender Non-binary
Location North-East Netherlands
Languages English, Dutch
Main hand Right

Game development

I love making games. I’m a front-end programmer with little experience in back-end. I code mostly with Java, but sometimes with JavaScript or Python. I am experienced with OpenGL, OpenAL and other common native libraries.

I used to do a lot of Minecraft mod development but as of lately I kinda stopped doing that. I have one mod that actually worked out, I am trying to maintain that. For other projects I did, see the projects menu at the top of the page.


I make some illustrations, mostly furry-related. I’m learning, don’t expect the best quality. See my art page for commission status, a gallery, and other information related to my art.

Furry life

I’ve joined the fandom around May 2021. For a list of cons I’ve been to and that I am attending, see this page. I’ve two fursonas, Shadew and Ivy, I’ll write more about them later. I have no suit but am looking into getting one.


What is the flipped M symbol?

This is the greek capital letter Sigma. It is the greek equivalent of the letter S, and in my logo stands for the S of Shadew. Alongside that, it resembles a >_ symbol, forming a command line icon (the full logo shows it as > Shadew_).

What does Shadew mean?

Shadew is short for Shade Wind.

It’s a misconception that Shadew is the word ‘shadow’ with an E replacing the O. Shadew was a name I formed to fit an OC I made in 2019. I used to go by the name RGSW, or RedGalaxySW. At some point I decided that SW should mean ‘Shade Wisp’, after I came up with a simple demon-ish OC. The theme fit in a Minecraft mod I was writing back in the time. I halted the development of the mod eventually.

RGSW would have meant ‘Red Galaxy Shade Wisp’, but as I started to dislike the ‘Red Galaxy’ part, I switched to Shade Wisp, which became Shadew eventually. Later, I changed the meaning to Shade Wind. You can pronounce it Shade-Ew, as well as Sha-Duw.

Are you cute?


Hi! I'm Shadew, a game developer from the Netherlands. This is my blog, where I write about my projects and ideas.

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