Hi! I’m Samū! I’m a 20 years old furry from the Netherlands that loves drawing, graphics design and game development.

Age 20
Birthday July 15th, 2002
Pronouns They/Them
Sexuality Gay
Gender Non-binary
Location North-East Netherlands
Languages English, Dutch
Main hand Right

Illustration & Design

I make some illustrations, mostly furry-related. I’m still learning to draw, I improve with every illustration I make. See my art page for commission status, a gallery, and other information related to my art.

I am mostly familiar with designing user interfaces and websites. This is mainly how I have learned to code over the past 10 years. I often see UIs that work really well, but look really sketchy, or UIs that look beautiful, but are absolutely horrible to use (and there are definitely also UIs that are horrible in both perspectives). I strive to make an interface look pretty and practical, with colour, icons, layout, animation and typography. Whether that is for an application, a presentation, a document or a website. As an example: this website was entirely designed by me!

Programming & Gamedev

With over 10 years of experience of graphical design also comes over 10 years of experience in programming. I’m a front-end programmer with a small bit of experience in back-end. I code mostly with Java, but sometimes with C, JavaScript or Python. I am experienced with OpenGL, OpenAL and some other common native libraries (I use these through LWJGL in Java sometimes). I used to do a lot of Minecraft mod development but as of lately I kinda stopped doing that. I am now studying Computing Science at the University of Groningen (The Netherlands).

For other projects I did, see the projects menu at the top of the page.

Furry life

I’ve joined the fandom around May 2021. For a list of cons I’ve been to and that I am attending, see this page.

I’ve two fursonas. My main fursona is Samū, a grey fox with bright coloured eyes in two different colours. I am hoping to get a suit of them anytime soon. My alternate fursona is Ivy, a green-brown fennec.


Samū or Shadew?

Samū is my personal nickname. It’s from no particular language. Take note of the ū: it has a bar (macron) over it. It is not an ü with two dots, but pronounce it as an ü (with umlaut) in German: Samuu.

Shadew is just a domain name, but I am trying to move away from it and use Runefox as a domain name.

Are you cute?


Hi! I'm Samū, a furry, artist and game developer from the Netherlands. This is my blog, where I write about my projects and ideas.

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