Hi! I'm Shadew, a furry programmer and artist from the Netherlands.

Age 18 Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him Sexuality Demi-ish
Age 18
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Sexuality Demi-ish


I’m an artist who makes lineart, mostly furry-related. I’m learning, don’t expect the best quality. I’m too lazy to make a gallery on my website but expect one sooner or later. You can check my Furaffinity gallery for some of my newer art. Older art is everywhere and nowhere, honestly not all in one place other than in Illustrations folder on my computer. If you need some examples of older artwork, feel free to ask.


I don't do commissions yet, but I might do a raffle now and then when I don't know what to draw. Stay tuned.


I’m a front-end game, mod and web developer. I’ve been programming for over 9 years and it kinda became an addiction now. I began in Scratch, after which I moved to web development (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS), which I did for a few years. The past three years have been dedicated to Java mostly.

For a list of (semi-)active projects, hover over the projects button in the navbar. I do not code on request, whether it is commisioned or not. If I’m interested in helping with a project I’ll let you know.

Where I am

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