About Samū

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About Samū

Samū is a grey appearing fox with a long and fluffy tail, having eyes in two different colours and a purple bush of fluff on their head. Their eyes are directly what stand out, as they are not only two different colours, they also glow and look like a glowing haze in a glass marble.

What’s less obvious, is Samū’s magic, which they use only in subtle ways you won’t even notice. Without you noticing, they can teleport almost instantly from one place to another. Watch them write in an indecipherable runic language and cause strange effects happen from just those runic writings.

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Samū’s origin

Originally, Samū was a magician in another world, and they were particularly interested in teleportation and the knowledge of a potential parallel world that could be habitable. They managed to figure out how specific configurations of runes could make weird things happen - in their home world this was a usual thing as life was evolved around this principle.

Even though they did research the existence of potential habitable worlds, they never found one. That was until an apocalypse striked in their world. One day, a malicious form of magic was discovered, which started spreading through the world and all one could do to avoid it was leave the world. Samū was one of the few to have a potential way out, but it was not without risk. And they had yet to discover another habitable world.

Together with their friends, they built what they thought would work as a portal to another world. None of them knew where it would bring them, but all they knew that the chances of surviving on the other side were much higher. When the portal opened, it was against all their expectations that they actually found something that looked habitable: it was Earth. However, keeping the portal alive was hard, and while they all tried to escape, the malicious magic cursed upon the portal’s runestones and the portal closed before Samū was entirely through the portal.

Their body got torn apart from their spirit and never made it through the portal, but their spirit itself made it through alive. Not to mention that all their friends were taken by the curse before having gone through the portal at all. Samū made it through, but all their conscious memories were lost and only a few made it through (such as their ability to understand the magic runes they used to work with).

Unable to feel or observe the world they arrived in, it was not without luck that a curious fox found Samū’s spirit. The spirit’s aggressive force took over the body of the fox, and created what Samū now looks like: a beautiful grey fox.

Stare into Samū’s eyes and you stare directly into their spirit. Their eyes show the world that something is off with them and that they should beware for strong and powerful magic. The colours stand for the two elements of their magic: fire and water, which together make the element for teleportation. Staring in their eyes is not recommended if they don’t know you, they don’t like it.

Samū’s journey is now to learn who they were and why they ended up on Earth. Maybe they will find a way to beat the curse.


Eye colours

Samū’s eyes are red and cyan. These colours are, even though Samū can teleport, completely unrelated to the game Portal. It’s important to know that the right eye is red: if you stare into their eyes, you’ll see red on the left and cyan on the right.


Their name is usually pronounced Samuu (in German pronouncation: Samü). The name was inferred from the runes that resemble their name. The exact meaning is unclear. Those who have seen them teleport say it means Wisp, since they appear to dissolve into a wisp of black smoke when doing so. Samū themself believes it was probably just shorthand for Samuel, but nobody (not even Samū) knows the exact meaning.

Hi! I'm Samū, a furry, artist and game developer from the Netherlands. This is my blog, where I write about my projects and ideas.

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