Shadew's Foxes
Plenty of fox types
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In case it wasn’t obvious, foxes are players!

This simple mod adds more types of foxes to Minecraft.


The mod is available for both Forge and Fabric. Make sure you download the correct version!

Fabric requirements

Forge requirements

Fox types

This mod adds 6 new natural types, making a total of 8 natural types. In addition, it adds two skins for foxes with certain name tags.

Foxes have a certain chance to have a specific type when spawned in a certain biome (this can be modified in a data pack, see below).

Red fox (vanilla)

red fox

The most common type of fox, spawning in all taiga variants except snowy ones.

Arctic fox (vanilla)

arctic fox

The most common type of fox in snowy taiga biomes, highly dominating all other fox types there. Only spawns in snowy taiga biomes.

Black fox

black fox

A relatively common type of fox that spawns in all taiga variants.

Silver fox

silver fox

A relatively common type of fox that spawns in all normal taiga variants. Has a rare chance to spawn in snowy taiga as well.

Platinum fox

platinum fox

A rare type of fox that spawns in any taiga, yet more commonly in snowy biomes.

Gold platinum fox

gold platinum fox

A rarer variant of the platinum fox, that spawns in any taiga, yet more commonly in snowy biomes.

Grey fox

grey fox

A relatively rare variant that spawns only in giant taiga biomes.

Cross fox

cross fox

A common variant that spawns in all not-snowy taiga biomes.

Name tags

Naming a fox “FoxShadew” gives it this heterochromia skin:


Naming a fox “ZtereoHYPE” gives it this blue skin:


Modifying spawn chances

It is possible to modify the chances of spawning foxes in biomes using a data pack.

Spawn chances are defined in a data pack using custom a json format. The files are located in data/shwfox/shwfoxrates and are named by the type ID’s of foxes.

The JSON format looks like this (weights must be integers):

  "biome_id": 300,
  "biome_id_2": 300,
  "<default>": 300

If a biome is not defined for any fox type, it falls back to <default>. If at least one fox type defines a biome specifically, the other fox types are considered to have zero weight and will not spawn in that biome.

If a file is not present in a data pack, it falls back to a file in another data pack, or the default data. It is recommended to specify a file for every type, and specify the same biomes in every file.

Note that the two special textures have no assigned type, and can hence not be defined in a spawn chance file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Defining spawn chances does NOT define in which biomes the types spawn naturally. It only defines the chance of getting that certain fox type when it is placed in that biome, either by natural spawning or a spawn egg. This is intentional, to modify which biomes have foxes, modify the biome JSON instead.

Example (cross.json):

  "taiga": 700,
  "taiga_hills": 700,
  "taiga_mountains": 700,

  "giant_tree_taiga": 1000,
  "giant_spruce_taiga": 1000,
  "giant_tree_taiga_hills": 1000,
  "giant_spruce_taiga_hills": 1000,

  "snowy_taiga": 0,
  "snowy_taiga_hills": 0,
  "snowy_taiga_mountains": 0,

  "<default>": 700

Other changes

Using in your development environment

You can download this mod in your development environment via my Maven repository.


repositories {
    maven { url "" }

dependencies {
    modImplementation ("net.shadew:foxes:1.1+fabric") {
        // Exclude Fabric API, presumably you already have this in your environment
        exclude group: "net.fabricmc"
        exclude group: "net.fabricmc.fabric-api"


repositories {
    maven { url "" }

dependencies {
    implementation fg.deobf("net.shadew:foxes:1.1+forge")