Since end of 2022 I am staff at Flüüfff, it is very unlikely that I won’t appear there.

I’m attending Year Date Location
Furry Weekend Holland 2023 May 18th - May 22nd Baarlo, The Netherlands
Reffurence 2023 August 31st - September 3rd Antwerp, Belgium
ČeSFuR 2023 July 1st - July 7th Near Nové Město na Moravě, Czech Republic
Flüüfff 2023 November 8th - November 12th Brussels, Belgium
Nordic Fuzz Con 2024 TBA Malmö, Sweden
I may attend Year Date Location
I’ve been to Year Date Location
Nordic Fuzz Con 2023 February 20th - February 27th Malmö, Sweden
Alfurnative 2022 September 29th - October 2nd Delft, The Netherlands
Eurofurence 2022 August 24th - August 28th Berlin, Germany
Furry Weekend Holland 2022 April 29th - May 2nd Baarlo, The Netherlands
Flüüfff 2022 November 9th - November 13th Brussels, Belgium
I hope to attend one day Location
Confuzzled Birmingham, United Kingdom
Furry Blacklight Paris, France
Furry Weekend Atlanta  
Further Confusion  

Hi! I'm Samū, a furry, artist and game developer from the Netherlands. This is my blog, where I write about my projects and ideas.

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