Shadew's Foxes v1.3
1.18.2 support ...right?
Shadew's Foxes version 1.3

Shadew’s Foxes version 1.3 has been released now, with proper compatibility for 1.18.2.

See the project page for downloads


  • Properly support 1.18.2
  • Forge support is now discontinued
  • Removed the blue fox skin


Version 1.3 now requires version 1.18.2 or higher, up to but not including 1.19. Version 1.2 was supposed to load in 1.18.2 but crashed the game due to some critical changes in Minecraft’s code. This version replaces 1.2 for 1.18.2.

Forge support discontinued

Forge’s development tools are way too complicated and keep failing, hence I decided to cut the Forge support. Until further notice I will not support Forge anymore.

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