Continuing with Minecraft
I miss modding
I will likely continue

As I have obviously mentioned several times, I have been into a break from Minecraft modding, and I haven't been very sure whether I wanted to stop entirely or wanted to continue. Over the time I have been missing modding more and more, as I thought back of the time where I was an individual modder. Hence I decided that I want to continue again. However, a few things will change.

warningImportant note

I'm describing some plans here that I will do when I continue modding. I am still not sure when and whether I will continue. Don't get too excited.


Working in teams has been hard for me due to my disorder (ASD). However, I’ve been working a lot in modding teams before I stopped. I’ve been friends with some amazing people and I’d hate to cut the ties with them. I’ve been part of two teams, Dodo Gang and Cryptic Mushroom. I’ve said to work with some other people but as I mentioned in a gist from a few months back, that didn’t work out for me.

Dodo Gang

Dodo Gang has been an amazing team to work in and I really enjoyed working with the people in this team. I’d hate to let this team go. For the time being I’m not mentally able to get back in teams for now, but expect me to come back to Dodo Gang when I am feeling better for it again.

Cryptic Mushroom

Cryptic Mushroom is a different story. As some people may know, this team has some status issues due to a drama that happened a good while ago (only right before I became part of that team). I’ve been getting criticism from people for still working in that team. And I’ll be honest, ever since I knew about the drama I haven’t felt comfortable in that team anymore. Hence I’ll leave Cryptic Mushroom behind.

I have my apologies for Cryptic Mushroom though, as I had a responsible task and suddenly disappeared. I feel like I’m leaving them with many chaos I caused. I suggested the “rewrite” of the Midnight, which I have been mostly responsible for as I was the only coder able to just properly manage and organize the code (and that’s what the rewrite was all about). I have suggested many ideas but lately coding kinda halted. I eventually co-owned the team, even got a small payout for all the work I’ve done, and now I’m giving up the team. I’m disappointing people a lot here, which feels bad. Still, I decided not to go back to Cryptic Mushroom, I want to be happy and Cryptic Mushroom didn’t make me happy anymore.


Going on with modding, I will continue individually first and not do teamwork at all. As I said, I’ll keep my connections with Dodo Gang as I’d love to come back to that team one day.

Nature’s Debris

One of my oldest modding projects is Nature’s Debris, a.k.a. The Modernity. I have tried to revive this project after pausing the development for a long while but considerably failed up to now. I have had some people who actually liked the project, but at this point I don’t like the project anymore and I want to stop developing it.

However, the idea still resides in my head and I might actually decide to bring back a new mod like the Betweenlands for 1.17+, of course with my personal twist. But in that case I will start from scratch, under a new name.

Very short conclusion because I can’t write proper ones

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